Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fire the Critic

Awful, atrocious, a waste of time. Television, movies, political speeches, whatever the content, critics are always waiting in the wings to lecture us as to why what we just witnessed was terrible. Why? Sadly, it's because we have become a nation of pessimists. Case and point, Fashion Police. So called "fashion experts" invade our televisions after each award show explaining to us in dumbed down terms why each celebrity must have dressed themselves in the dark that day. Instead of discussing a gorgeous smile, happy couple, or sparkling personality, we hear only the ugly. It's a shame.

Sadly, I might be the biggest hypocrite. My cup is always half empty with a crack
in the glass slowly draining my optimism. Put me in an uncomfortable or "different" situation, and I instantly see 100 negatives. I will gladly bang home my point as to why Brett Favre isn't a top 5 quarterback of all time before I will take into consideration why he might just be the greatest.

We've become cynical, pessimistic, and unwavering. It's time for a pact. Right hand held high, speak with me. I will strip away the rust and search for gold in every movie, piece of literature, situation, and most importantly every person before I allow the critic inside to see only rotten tomatoes.

In the future when you stare in the mirror and ponder whether you should take responsibility for certain negative thoughts or feelings, chances are you will simply turn away and point your finger elsewhere. Why, because critics have engrained in our hard drive the idea that the good should follow the bad. We could very well continue to take the easy road, and blame the critic...Or, make a change.

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