Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sweatpants...Great Invention, or Greatest?

An interesting question is raised here. Are sweatpants one of the greatest, if not the greatest, inventions of all time? You say the wheel, electricity, or the Internet, but I say a good 'ol pair of sweats.

Whether heading to class, work, a sporting event, or simply to bed, sweatpants provide maximum comfort. While their are factors such as weather that must be taken into account, the answer is obvious. If it's too hot, roll them up. If it's too cold, roll them down. Can you roll your shorts down? No, you have to take the time to change into jeans. Jeans equal wasted time.

Another important issue is eating. The primary reason I bring this up is because holidays are times when we eat, usually overeat. The guilt of loosening your belt a notch or popping a button can cripple anyones' self-esteem. With sweatpants however, the waist band magically expands. Undeterred, we can now all attack that holiday buffet with no regard to our own expanding waistline.

Lastly, what exactly are "sweat-pants"? After countless hours of research, I think I may have pinpointed the perfect explanation.

Sweatpants are an informal variety of trousers intended for comfort or athletic purposes. Many jails or juvenile institutions use sweatpants for their main uniform because of comfort, loose fitting, and ease of washing. In the United Kingdom they are varyingly known as track suit bottoms or the more informal jogging bottoms. In Australia and New Zealand they are know as track pants or "trakky daks". Also they can, in Ireland, be known as 'Fatman Trousers'.

That settles the debate. Sweats are in fact the greatest creation by man to this point in time. What the future holds I do not know. For now though, you keep your gizmos and gadgets and please, just hand me a pair of trakky daks.

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