Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In Regards to Technology Use in My Classroom

When I finally have the fortune of leading my own classroom full of children as an educator, there are several aspects of technology I will do my best to make sure my students comprehend and learn to use not only in school but their daily lives as well.

First off, technology is everywhere. That has been established. Because of the undeniable efficiency and capabilities of the Internet and other technologies, I want my future students to be able to use their computers effectively.

Having a student hop on the Internet and telling them, "research Christopher Columbus" will have no educational benefit. I plan on providing my students with the understanding of how to research and utilize certain tools. I want them to be able to identify what is a quality search engine, how to research effectively, and also how to use the Internet for their personal gains. Through blogs, email, PowerPoints, educational activities, and many search engines, the amount of "gains" technology has is endless.

Whether used for school, work, or enjoyment, technology is an incredible tool. By preparing my students and physically showing them how to apply new technologies well, I can make their "job" as students not only easier but more enjoyable and fun. New technologies are being created each day, and we would be unwise not to try and harness as much of these new applications and tools as we can. The more we learn, the more we can teach our younger generation. In turn, our students will be better prepared for their futures in the real world.

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